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All white summer outfit

Now that we are right into summer, it's getting harder and harder to dress up and feel put together. At least, in my case! Everytime summer arrives, I suddenly get really tired and I just want to nap all day... But for this outfit, I've tried to dress in a chic way, using a wrap top more suitable for fall.
I've been really into white outfits lately, due to the heat probably and for this outfit, I thought pairing that chic wrap top with a frayed and ripped shorts would be a good contrast. I added little notes of black here and there, to "elevate" the outfit a little bit.

By the way, I've noticed you are more and more to read my blog everyday, and I was thinking about how my photographies aren't that good... I would like to hire a photographer to take better outdoor photos, is that something you would like to see on the blog? Feel free to leave me your honest feedback in the comment section below, I would be glad to hear your opinion about my photos and even, my editing.
I hope you will like this outfit and I will see you in three days!

Shorts: Windsor Store/ Top: h&m/ Sandals: Asos/ Bag: Hieleven/ Necklace: Mango

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Nok Nok

Today is more of a brand highlight post than an outfit post, I will talk about the british brand "Nok Nok" . The brand contacted me a few weeks ago, they told me about their new concept: "create your denim". I said yes, I love when brands propose their customers to create their own clothes or handbags.
The concept is simple, you can customize your own pair of jeans, from the colors to the amount of rips. You can also opt for studs, pockets designs and denim finishing (tie dye, hand drilled paint or simply plain denim).
I received my own a few days ago and I opted for a grey pair of jeans with only 2 rips on the knee and the thigh and studs on the side. I've to say that I'm really liking these jeans now, the denim being a little bit thin, it creates a slight loose fit on me that I absolutely adore!
Would I recommend you Nok Nok? Yes, If you want nice denim with some Camden Town vibe designs, I would highly recommend it to you! (Hey, I was living near that borough for 3 years, I know what I'm talking about!) If you want to see more of what the concept has to propose, click here.

Tunic: Zara/ Belt: Naked/ Jeans: Nok Nok/ Shoes: Asos

Kimono top.

Back outside with more outfits! You may have seen this kimono inspired top before, I worn it in two previous outfits posts, I believe.
I won't talk much about this outfit today, it is just one of these very casual outfits. I thought pairing this top with my new flats would add enough statement to the outfit. I like this mix of white and blue denim for some unknown reasons... I didn't accessorized the outfit much, like every summer. I just added this cute wooden bag my mum gave me.
I hope you will like this outfit!

Top: h&m/ Jeans: Mango/ Flats: Mango/ Bag: Vintage

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