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Maison Ruban

Being a French blogger with an audience mostly from America and the Uk is a good opportunity to let you discover new French brands that I truly believe in. Today's brand highlight post will be about the new Parisian brand Maison Ruban.

When Emmanuel, who is one of the co-founder of the brand, contacted me to promote their products, I said immediately said yes, just because I instantly loved the concept. The fact the customers will be able to play with their creativity and get more than one pair of shoes from 2 soles and ribbons is a big plus for me. Let's also mention that shoes are 100% made in France, which is something important for me, as most of our ateliers and factories are now relocating out of France for a cheaper workforce.

You can create your own way to lace-up your shoes or follow the instructions given. From your purchase, you'll get 6 different little tutorials on how to style your shoes, how amazing is that?

Quality wise, I can tell the shoes are made in France, because it is just spotless. The silk and the satin used for the ribbons are soft and shiny, and the leather used for the soles is just flawless. I'm not writing much about it, because there is nothing to complain about.

About the packaging? As you can see on the last photo below, everything was well thought. From the little pouch for the soles to the tutorials. Everything looks so clean and elegant that I've to admit when I unpacked my shoes, I was impressed.

To see more of their work you can also visit their website or Facebook page.

Gingham game strong

This summer, everyone went crazy for the "off the shoulder" trend but as I find this type of clothes pretty uncomfortable, my summer trend crush was "all gingham everything". And, needless to say, I went on a real mission to find the perfect clothes, those that will highlight an outfit and that could potentially last long in my closet.

On my hunt, I got my hands on this top from Storets a few weeks ago. Given the fact that I live in a small town, I got a few negative comments on my blouse but that experience just reminds me how much I miss London and it's fashion freedom. At least, I can testify that if you want to stand out, without thinking too much about it, buying one of these Vivian blouses from Storets is a good bet.

(It looks like Storets are good gamblers too, they sell these like hot cakes...)

Top: Storets/ Pants: Zara/ Shoes: Asos/ Bag: Mango

Mom jeans comeback

Why a comeback? Just because I dearly missed my mom jeans this summer. The jeans are made of denim so thick, it's unbearable to wear during hot summer days. But this morning, the weather was chillier, it was perfect if I wanted to wear them again.
Opinions about mom jeans are split. Usually, people love or hate them but they left no-one indifferent. I personally love this trend! They instantly give a cool effortless vibe to any simple outfit, and sometimes even modern. Yes, you red it right: just pair it with crop tops, silk blouses or bodysuits and you will show Tina Fey that mom jeans aren't that hideous.
What do you think about mom jeans?

Jacket: TFNC London/ Jeans: Topshop/ Shoes: Asos/ Jewelry: Wanderlust & co
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